Teaching Nurses - PINE

Participation in Nurse Education is our project which involves people with experience of mental distress in the education of nurses....

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Withdrawing From Psychiatric Drugs

Making Waves has been awarded funds to work with Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust on a project to support people who want to come off psychiatric drugs....

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Peer Support Training

Our Peer Support Worker training course will be of interest to organisations wanting to use recovery based approach and staff with experience of mental distress....

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Life Story Project

Life story work can help recovery and gives a necessary alternative to the clinical profile for someone with mental distress....

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Open Futures Network

The Network is a Nottingham initiative, which seeks to promote mental health, resilience and wellbeing through exploring the Open Dialogue Approach to mental health ....

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Withdrawing from psychiatric drugs 

Many people want to come off their psychiatric drugs, however very few are given any support to carry this out. While there is much talk of choice there is little choice for those who decide they wish to stop taking the drugs.

Making Waves was awarded funds to work with Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust on a project to support people who want to come off psychiatric drugs.

Research, though limited, suggests that gradual withdrawal can prevent or reduce withdrawal symptoms, and that close support can prevent the need for hospitalisation. Read more >>

Life Story Project 

A life story is an account of a person’s life, including stories of experiences and relationships that have shaped the person’s identity. These are the kinds of things that make us who we are, and is sometimes the kind of information that is difficult to access for some people who use services.  We are exploring a variety of methods in order to produce a ‘toolkit’ of techniques to help staff in the care setting and people with lived experience engage in life story work. The draft toolkit is available online.

Making Waves worked in collaboration with Helen Moya from the University of Nottingham to develop a Life story project within Mental Health services.

We had some initial funding from the Notts Healthcare Trust Involvement team (TIP funding) which we have used to run a pilot project at Dovecote Lane, one of Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trusts residential homes. 3 people who live there were supported to work on their life stories and we supplied the staff with ideas and suggestions for ways of working with people. In 2009 we received funding for a 3 year project from the Institute of Mental Health to develop a toolkit of resources that could be used across mental health services.