Julie Gosling

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Training and Education Co-ordinator

The role covers the following areas:

Facilitate development and delivery of training by people with lived experience of mental distress to university and professional groups of health care, medical and social work practitioners.

Construct emancipatory and collaborative research frameworks to enable communities of interest to explore issues of wellbeing and distress that affect them.

Develop and promote models of Recovery, Peer Support and Open Dialogue.

Awareness sessions for GPs and GP Practices - Raising Awareness of Mental Health.

Stimulate thinking around End-Of-Life journeys and palliative support.

Engage with dialogues relating to unwise choices and full capacity.

Contribute to new anti- oppressive understandings and frameworks around Madness and Saneism

Develop, create and use first person narrative in lived distress as a dialogue of empowerment and mutual understanding

Mental Health and B&ME Communities - Intersectionalities, External and Internal Oppressions. 

Raise awareness of and challenge local and global female genocide, female foetal abortion, female acid scarring, female genital mutilation.

As  survivor I raise awareness of and challenge all forms of domestic violence, including trafficking, honour and dowry based assault of people of all genders, sexualities, ages, cultures and ethnicities, and forced marriages.

Challenge the medical colonisation of human distress, promote mental and spiritual wellbeing and the accommodation and celebration of lived experience in all its diversity.

Raise awareness of vulnerability and inequalities endured by veterans of armed combat.