Participation In Nurse Education (PINE)

photo during a PINE teaching sessionMaking Waves has been successfully delivering teaching sessions in collaboration with the Nottingham University School of Nursing since 2005. This project is called the Participation In Nurse Education, or PINE, initiative. All the Making Waves tutors have experienced mental health problems and get involved with planning and preparing the sessions, as well as delivering them to the nursing students. They deliver sessions about a wide range of issues and incorporate their own individual experiences into each session, bringing the topics to life and fully illustrating the points made.

For example, tutors deliver a session called 'Strategies for Survival', in which the students learn about the role of coping strategies for people's well being, and then illustrate the session by giving examples of harmful and helpful strategies from their own lives. Other sessions include one on people's experiences on hospital wards; and another one looks at people's experiences of hearing voices. All the sessions are based on showing students not only people's real experiences, but also on giving nurses and workers plenty of ideas and examples of how they can work effectively.

The following extract from a report about the Making Waves and School of Nursing project shows how the work benefits both the people delivering the sessions and those receiving them:

"Involving service users in nurse education reflects the philosophy of client-centred care and empowerment, which respects the need for service users to have a say in decisions that directly affect them. Furthermore, it allows service users to influence students in the formative years of their nursing careers by providing expertise from their experiences of receiving mental health services, which complements the ‘scientific' emphasis of nursing curricula. Happell and Roper (2003) found that when a consumer academic was involved in classroom teaching, the students recognised a need to listen to clients and were reminded to view people with mental health problems as people rather than illnesses."

Here are some of the comments that students have made about the sessions delivered by Making Waves tutors:

I think it's really important for service users to be involved in as much training as possible. It really inspires me to do more in practice.

Great to get away from "text book" information & hear how real lives are actually affected.

The best way to learn, is to gain own experiences (sic), if it is not possible the best way is to learn from somebody who has this experiences! So very important!

I have now got a better understanding of service user views.

Sharing experiences really helped and gave me a good insight into service users perspectives.

In the future I will look from the patient's view rather than the nurse.

The experiences of delivering the PINE teaching sessions

Below are links to pieces written by Making Waves tutors, and a tutor from The Nottingham University School of Nursing, about their experiences of the working in the PINE project.  If you would like to know anymore about the sessions or get involved please contact the office, (0115) 950 5996. 

"It's been a fantastic project with so much achieved." 

"I'd recommend the experience to everyone." more >>

"Although I've only been teaching for a year, I've found the experience of sharing my journey most rewarding." more >>

"When the opportunity first arose for me to do some training for Making Waves, I jumped at it! In my opinion, clients and former clients of mental health services are in the best position of all to teach others about their experience." more >>