Olanzapine Lawsuit

In 2009 the drug company Lilly recieved the largest criminal fine ever imposed on a corporation for it's illegal marketing of Zyprexa, the trade name of Olanzapine.

Lilly were found to have pushed it's use for the vulnerable groups of children and the elderly :

Zyprexa is approved by the Food and Drug and Administration (FDA) for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but Lilly illegally marketed it for sleep difficulties, aggression, and other unapproved uses. Lilly sales reps aggressively pushed Zyprexa as a wonderful drug to chill out disruptive children and the elderly who were not schizophrenic or bipolar. The lawsuit against Lilly stated, “In truth, this was Lilly’s thinly veiled marketing of Zyprexa as an effective chemical restraint for demanding, vulnerable and needy patients.” Read more >

Unfortunately one of the whistle blowers involved in the case, Robert Rudolph thinks this fine won't completely change business practices at Lilly. He would like to see prison sentences for executives.

Posted on 28/09/2012 by Michael